Traffic & DWI

Have you been Charged with a Traffic & DWI Offense?

An Experienced Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

Traffic Offenses

Having traffic tickets can increase your insurance premiums, lead to hefty fines, and affect your driving record. Knowing when to fight a traffic ticket could end up saving you hundreds of dollars for the offense itself and perhaps even more on your car insurance down the road. Don’t just pay the ticket. If you’ve been charged with a traffic offense, you need an experienced attorney to protect you from excess costs and to protect your driving privileges.


Being charged with a DWI is a serious offense that could result in negative consequences now and in the future. You can expect fines, jail time and/or probation, license suspension, and more. If you’re facing DWI charges, you need an attorney who can help protect you and your privilege to drive because protecting these privileges isn’t as simple as showing up to your court date and paying a fine. A knowledgeable attorney will guide you through the legal process and will help you decide whether it’s in your best interest to challenge your Driving While Impaired charge and proceed to trial.

From speeding tickets to driving under the influence, the Beaver Law firm can help you through the process.