Beaver Law Firm: DUI Lawyers Working For You

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Beaver Law Firm: DUI Lawyers Working For You

The state of North Carolina is cracking down on residents that are DUI or DWI offenders. With the most recent data showing that in one years time over 400 people died and over 8,000 people were injured in accidents involving alcohol and drugs, it is no wonder that the state has taken DUI and DWI offenses seriously. Most people do not plan on driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, but it happens. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in any given year roughly 1.5 million people are arrested on DUI or DWI charges.

If you find yourself in need of a DWI or DUI lawyer, give Beaver Law Firm a call. Laws concerning driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol vary from state to state. While you will want to find a lawyer to represent you as soon as you can after being charged with a DWI or DUI, you need to be sure that the lawyer you choose is familiar with North Carolina laws. The state of North Carolina has a conviction rate of about sixty percent when it comes to DUI or DWI charges. A good lawyer can help minimize the penalties you face, including loss of driving privileges and community service hours if applicable.

Located in the state capital of Raleigh, the team at Beaver Law Firm is experienced in DUI and DWI cases in North Carolina. Our DWI and DUI lawyers work tirelessly for our clients to ensure the best possible outcome for them in their legal cases. We are dedicated to fighting for you and take pride in our effort to see the client come out of a case stronger and satisfied with the decisions made in the courtroom. Many DWI and DUI lawyers will tell you that they have your best interests in mind, but at Beaver Law Firm, our reputation backs us up.

Sure, North Carolina has a high conviction rate when it comes to DWI/DUI offenders. Quite simply, what determines the outcome of your case may just come down to who you choose to represent you. If you are facing a charge for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, contact Beaver Law Firm, DWI and DUI lawyers that work for you!

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