What You Need to Know About Federal Criminal Law

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What You Need to Know About Federal Criminal Law

If you’re charged with a federal crime, you need to know exactly what that means. Federal criminal law operates differently than state criminal law.

When you meet with your lawyer, one of the first decisions you’ll make together is whether you’ll benefit most from entering a guilty plea, pleading nolo contendere, or choosing to face a court decision.

If you choose to take your case to court, you’ll need an experienced and qualified attorney to represent you in federal court.

In federal criminal court cases, your defense will face a prosecution team. This team of lawyers are typically Assistant United States Attorneys with fewer cases than a typical state attorney.

This team spends a great deal of time pouring over your case. If you end up in court, this means you are facing a team of prosecutors that has decided to pay attention to your case over other open cases. Often, they’ve been working with federal law enforcement as the case developed.

You’ll appear in federal court for trial. In federal court, it’s likely that your case will be the only case heard before the judge that day. Federal cases are almost never dismissed or rescheduled due to lack of preparation by the prosecution. You need a qualified federal criminal defense attorney who will meet and exceed the prosecution’s preparation.

When trial concludes, sentencing is based on a group of technically complex federal laws that govern how federal criminal charges should be sentenced. If you’re facing federal criminal charges, you need a federal attorney working for you who knows these rules and is uniquely qualified to appear as your defense lawyer in federal court.

You’re going to have questions, and you will need legal advice and counsel. From your initial decision of how to plead, to the issues of how bail works in federal criminal law and what you can expect when appearing in federal court, you need a qualified federal criminal defense attorney to be your advocate each step of the way.
The Beaver Law Firm takes your case seriously and will work with you to get you through these tough times. If you are facing federal criminal charges, choose Beaver Law Firm.

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